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Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí and Guanajuato: some culinary high-lights

Restaurant Los Dorados de Villa. Photo Courtesy of Michael Roberts.

One of the unending adventures of eating in Mexico is wandering through an unknown town and stumbling across somewhere unexpected to eat in the street. The food is generally fresh, cooked on the spot, and often wonderfully tasty. Coincidentally, as Nick Gilman has just comented in his blog on Good Food in Mexico City: “From Bayless to Bourdain to Bittman, the word is out: Mexican Street Food is in!”

Although one has to be careful about hygiene and street food, a good rule of thumb is that if the place is popular it is likely to be clean. And I’m not sure there is a clear connection between price and hygiene. The time in my life I was most sick through food poisoning was in a luxury hotel in Malaysia. Continue reading

Tulum and Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve

After my recent journey to Mérida, I had the opportunity to visit Tulum for few days. Tulum is easily reached from Mérida by a four hour bus journey which also stops at Chichen Itza. Don’t expect too exciting a bus ride. The land on the Yucatán peninsula is flat, flat, flat.

I had been told by a friend of a friend that Tulum was a “bit of a dump”. That seems over harsh to me. It is true the town itself has no real merits. The principal, possibly sole, business here is tourism, as it is on nearly all the Maya Riviera. One advantage of this for the traveller is that Tulum is full of all sorts of restaurants catering for the tourist trade, a number of which have been set up by foreigners. Continue reading