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In Praise of Peru 1: Lima

As regular readers of my blog will know, I am (notwithstanding narcotraficante violence, a supposed ‘failing state’ and swine-flu) rather smitten with Mexico – see especially my post “Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Mexico”. However, Mexico may now have a rival for my affections – I spent most of the month of January this year in Peru and adored it.

Peru is a fascinating country. Continue reading

Hanging around at the Día Internacional del Árbol

reforestación con manos

Photo courtesy of Sergio 'Tapiro' Velasco

Last Saturday 11th July was the International Day of the Tree – I think this sounds and reads better in Spanish – el Día Internacional del Árbol. The Patronato del Nevado – which is a civil society organization that shares the management of the  National Park of the Volcano Nevado de Colima with SEDER (the Secretary for Rural Development in the state of Jalisco) – organized an event high up in the National Park to celebrate this day, as they have done every year for the past five years.

I have written about the National Park before on this blog. Once with an emphasis on the conservation work that is being done there, and another time with a focus on the challenges of the management of the park, created by having a dual management structure.

This time, I want to write about the event organized to celebrate the International Day of the Tree, with some observations about cultural differences relating to time and my reflections on them. Continue reading