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I first became aware of Talpa as a pilgrimage destination when I read Juan Rulfo’s bleak, acerbic short story called ‘Talpa’ in his brilliant collection of short stories set in the South of Jalisco “Llana en Llamas”. The mother of a friend here has invited me to make the pilgrimage with the local group she goes with the last two years but each time I have been ill and have not been able to go. Continue reading

7 Reasons to live in Ciudad Guzmán

Soñajeros – Traditional Dancers

In a recent article I read about writing for the internet, which  claims it is different than other kinds of writing, the advice is to write lists. It seems people like lists. I have read this advice before on another specialist site for blog-writing. Continue reading

Volcano of Snow, Volcano of Fire

View of the two volcanoes from the South.

People, generally Mexican friends who live in large cities like Guadalajara or Mexico City, often ask me why I live in Ciudad Guzmán. To them it is a provincial backwater out ‘in the sticks’ – as an ex-girlfriend once memorably said to me, “Es un un pueblito rascuache y polvoriento” – it is a wretched, dusty little town. In reply I say, half-jokingly, that it is “la Perla de Jalisco”– the pearl of the state of Jalisco, perhaps something of an exaggeration.

In fact, there are many reasons why I like living here. Continue reading