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The Best Bolillos in Mexico?

Mario, Marta and their mother

Mario, Marta and their mother

Although I have been living in Ciudad Guzmán for over three years, I only recently discovered a small bakery near the end of one of the main streets in the city that sells the most delicious white bread – perfectly textured (crisp on the outside and wonderfully soft inside), tasty rolls in different sizes that are known in Mexico as bolillos and teleras. In one way, it is not surprising that I had missed the bakery, as there are no obvious external signs that it is a bakery. It looks like a normal house in the street, and in many ways it is also a normal, typically Mexican house.


For the last few weeks, I have got into the custom of going to the bakery nearly every day to buy fresh bread. There is something about the taste that is really special (and habit-forming). For those of you who may have seen the comedy series “The League of Gentlemen” on English TV, it reminded me of the butchers shop in the imaginary village of Royston Vasey , which was always busy because of the extraordinary and addictive flavour of its meat. As, over time, I got talking more to Señora Marta, who sells the bread, and her brother Mario, who makes the bread, I asked them if I could visit the bakery, take some photos, and talk more with them about why the bread is so good, and how they make it, in order to write this post. Continue reading