About this blog

The main purpose of this blog is to articulate some of my perceptions, experiences, thoughts and feelings about living and working in Mexico in such a way that it might be informative and interesting to others, who include my friends, contacts and family as well as people looking for information about Mexico and coming across the blog.

Given the interests I have, and the activities I am engaged in, typical themes are likely to include:

  • aspects of Mexican culture that I find intriguing
  • social and environmental issues in Mexico
  • working as a University teacher and consultant in Mexico
  • Mexican food (on which theme I have already discovered a great blog called Mexico Cooks)
  • helping to run a TEFL business in Mexico
  • daily life in Mexico
  • being a foreigner in a different culture

These are the current themes I have in mind though I know from past experience of writing that the themes are likely to change and develop as I write and will also be shaped by peoples’ response to what I write.

The above was written about five years ago. I now live in the Peruvian Amazon in Pucallpa but return to Mexico regularly which I still love.

3 comments so far

  1. Lola on

    Really good blog Paul! You were my spiritual guide in El camino del Norte, and now so far away … you´re still a guide to look for the sense of the life! Thanks for this blog.

  2. Cat on

    I really appreciate your blog info on Ciudad Guzman.
    Do you have info on a good way to find a small place to live there? I do not require fancy amenities & will be quite comfortable living like the local folks, I believe. And yes, hablo español. Am not sure I want to set up a TESOL business, but I might consider tutoring. I’d most likely take classes at one of the universities if possible.
    Thank you SO much. — Cat M

  3. CosmicDrBii on

    Im sorry. Its seven years since I lived in ciudad guzman so I cant really help you

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