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In Praise of Peru 2: Iquitos and Cuzco

After spending a few days in Lima, as described in my last post, I flew to Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon. Incidentally, I had previously bought this internal flight in Mexico, but it is much cheaper and also very easy to buy the flight in Peru, as I later discovered when I bought a return flight to Cuzco.

Iquitos is the largest city in the world not accessible by car – if only more cities or at least their centers were not accessible by cars. Continue reading

In Praise of Peru 1: Lima

As regular readers of my blog will know, I am (notwithstanding narcotraficante violence, a supposed ‘failing state’ and swine-flu) rather smitten with Mexico – see especially my post “Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Mexico”. However, Mexico may now have a rival for my affections – I spent most of the month of January this year in Peru and adored it.

Peru is a fascinating country. Continue reading

Escape from Machu Picchu

I know this blog is about living and working in Mexico but I just came back from spending three and a half wonderful weeks in Peru, which is a fascinating country. If I did not feel committed to being in Mexico for all sorts of reasons, I’d go and live in Peru.

Towards the end of my stay in Peru, I got marooned by flooding in the small tourist town of Aguascalientes Continue reading